Unit 2 Jews situation in Estonia during the II World War


When the German military unit arrived in Estonia in July1941 there was about 1000 Jews, others (~2000) had gone to Russia with Red Army. In Estonia was German military branch called Sonderkommando that decided that destroying Jews here should seem legal so do not displeasure the people and avoid conflicts with them. The eradication of Jews can be divided into phases. In the first phase which began in the middle of July 1941 the Jews were arrested in the process of “cleaning” which began right after the Germans had conquered the respective area. The arrests were made by Estonians who were ordered by the German military authorities. In 10th September 1941 the second phase began. Then everything connected to Jews was handed over to Sonderkommando. Almost all of the Jews living in Estonia were excecuted. In the Wannsee conferencre on 20th January 1942 Estonia was declared as “Jew free area“.


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