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My name is Aare Ristikivi and I’m a teacher of History and Civics at Hugo Treffneri Gümnaasium in Tartu, Estonia. Comments, questions are welcome at

My name is Evelin Rootsi and I am studying at the Gymnasium of Hugo Treffner, in 12 grade. I use my free time for debating and acting.

My name is Liis Semjonov. I am 18 years old and I study in Hugo Treffner Gymnasium. My main hobbies are photography and music. During my free time I also like to read books, draw and do some sports, but most of all enjoy being with my friends.

My name is Kaie Küünal, I`m 18 years old. I study in twelfth grade at the Gymnasium of Hugo Treffner, that  locates in Tartu. At the time  my main hobby is folk dancing, witch is pretty popular among Estonians. I also like to read, go to the theatre and ballet.

My name is Helen Allikvee. I study in Tartu Hugo Treffner’s gymnasium, in 11 grade. In my free time I enjoy doing sport, playing and listening to music ( I have learned the piano and the guitar), hanging out with my friends, walking with my dog etc. In summer I like to go camping and  travelling.

 My name is Alar Kume. My hometown is Võru. I go to Hugo Treffner’s gymnasium which is in Tartu. During the schooldays I live I an apartment in Tartu, in the weekends I am in Võru. My hobby is orienteering and I use much of my free time for training.

 My name is Careelika and I’m 17 years old. I’m from Estonia. I’m studying in the 11th form of Hugo Treffner Gymnasium. My freetime activities include sport, music, cooking, investigating different cultures and spending time with my friends.

 My name is Raul Reiljan. I’m 18 years old and I study in Hugo Treffner Gymnasium. On my free time I do orienteering and go swimming.

My name is Toomas Laigu. I live near to Tartu. Most of my time I spend at school and by my hobbies. I have many kind of hobbies- sport(almost everything), youth organisations, students  rights, politics, discussion about society and ofcourse just relaxing at home. I don´t like quiet, agressive or/and dirty people. Ofcourse Mostly I like talkative, optimistic and enthuastic people. My great hobbies, which I talk with my friends, are also- real history, classical music, alternative medicin and society.


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